Three Basic Principles of Ed. Technologies. The trick to championing.

Posted: September 13, 2009 in Education, Educational Technologies, Pedagogy
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Teaching in the field of technology and as a champion for the use of educational technologies I consistently hear myself refering back to three basic principles: 

  1. That educational technologies are nothing more than a tool, although a new tool, to use like any other that preceeded them.  Too often they get confused with the best tool, whatever that may be, and can be unnecessarily implemented into lessons for which they don’t actually fit, nor do they achieve the elevated optimum outcomes for which an educator was hunting. 
  2. That educational technologies DO NOT fit a mould.  Ed Tech’s are tools that are developed in the wild.  They are often made by people/groups that have a specific purpose for the technology but it is the ‘others’ beyond these groups that find the greatest adaptation and use for the it.  This thought also leads into the fact that it is difficult for one person to teach others how to use Ed Tech as it is ever evolving.  One person can only lead others to it and watch its evolution.
  3. That in order for fellow educators to become proficient in their (Ed Tech) use and implementation we cannot re-invent another educators practice or personal pedagogy.  As educators we develop our own wisdom in the ways we handle students, manipulate curriculum and syllabus requirements, present ourelves in our educational spaces and engage ourselves as professional learners.  These attributes need to be recognised before trying to attempt to inform others of the benefits of, or examples of educational technologies.  Then, others may continue the rich development of their personal pedagogical practice.

I think of these now as I prepare to present!


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