I recently posted about inspiring students to develop in virtual world environments through the use of a stimulus video clip.   Since I showed the students the clip I have been priveledged to witness many of my students taking it upon themselves to look up tutorials and tips for developing in virtual world environments like Second Life, Reaction Grid, OpenSim etc… 


The brief the students have been working to develop is quite simple.  They were asked to develop three things.  These are; 1) to create an appearance for their Avatar, 2) To create somewhere to sit and 3) to create some form of shelter for their avatar on their island.  There was no specification or limitation given to what or how these three things could be achieved.  These pictures are samples of what the students have done after about 2 weeks.  Enjoy.




  1. Matt Scully says:

    Do you mind sharing your long term or big picture goals of this project?


  2. I’ll keep it brief as I will post another blog about this in detail.
    Short term goal:
    – use this unit as a tester to gauge student response to working in a virtual world
    – to see if setting up a virtual world hosting will be worthwhile
    – work on a short term internal hosting
    Medium term goal:
    – set up a stable internal hosting of a virtual world (VW)
    – have VW consist of multiple islands
    – individual student accounts and account management
    Long term goals:
    – linking up to other online VW environments and working collaboratively
    – comprehensive development of VW environments and developing student skills
    – creating multi/cross curricular awareness of VW educational technologies
    – having the VW in the school function as a multi/cross curricular educational technology. This includes students from Transition to Year 12 (Junior to Senior school) working on developing, exploring and interacting on all sorts of levels.


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