Values Exchange – A place for ethical discourse

Posted: April 28, 2010 in Cyber Awareness, Education, Educational Links, Innovation, Internet, Pastoral Care, Pedagogy, Social Media, Web 2.0

Late last year I was introduced to the potential of this great online resource. Values Exchange (VX) has been created as an online tool for the discussion of issues that explore ethics and personal value sets. When I first saw this I recognised great potential for use in the classroom, as a pastoral care tool and as a means to explore the growth and development of student morality.

I have found that the creator and founder of VX has been incredibly willing to help in the development of Cases, offer guidance and to give advice of the better ways to word and phrase proposals. The first case I set up was one that I had two classes of Year 12 students complete. My proposal for this case was “that all Internet Providers (SIP’s) should permanently delete all Internet content over 5 years old.”

In this I was able to include online footage from the ABC show Hungry Beast. This footage can be linked to as well as embedded in a video portal for the students to see. Once the students complete the different parts of the case a report is produced that in itself is extremely valuable as a debriefing and discussion tool. There are many different types of reports that can be viewed and refined.

Example of Result Summary Report


The last of the great things about this is that it is free to access the public version of the site. Should you (or your school) be interested in increasing the level of control to the access of the data produced by cases you can enquire about setting up a private Values Exchange portal for your school.


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