Flash AS2 Tutorial – Creating a Container page

Posted: July 15, 2010 in Adobe Flash, Design, Internet, Tutorial
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Making a container page – The page that is the root of all your pages!
This tutorial is a basic overview of how to make an Adobe Flash movie that uses ActionScript 2.0 to load and contain external SWF files. This page is similar to the Index page of a Frame Based HTML site.

  1. Start by opening Flash and start a new Action Script 2 Flash File

  2. Set yourself up some layers on the Flash timeline. NOTE: It is important to remember to have the Actions layer as the top layer. All of your coding will go into this layer.

  3. Open the Library and clip to make a new symbol. Choose to make a Movie clip symbol and name it BlankMC. NOTE: The name is an easy identifier of the symbols purpose in the Flash Library

  4. Drag copies of the BlankMC symbol from the Library onto the stage to be in the desired position on the appropriate layer. Eg.

  5. Name each of the BlankMC symbols with meaningful names in the Properties editor. Eg. topBlank_mc, bodyBlank_mc, bottomBlank_mc

  1. Now click in the first frame of the Actions Layer and open the actions panel (shortcut = F9). Type in the following code:

  2. Assuming you have already pre-made the necessary SWF files this will load the external files into itself when it starts up.

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