Online resource: Ideas for VoiceThread

Posted: October 26, 2010 in Educational Technologies, Inspiration, Media, Web 2.0

Top 6 Ways for Faculty and Students to Use VoiceThread. . .

1. Student Collaboration: Students collaborate on group projects by uploading content, adding comments, and discussing assignments and presentations.

2. Student Discussions and Peer Feedback: Students discuss topics that are assigned by the instructor or self-directed, such as summaries of reading materials, and post comments and feedback for each other.

3. Student Presentations: Students create presentations to demonstrate mastery of course material and moderate followup discussion and feedback.

4. Recorded Mini-Lectures and Narrated Presentations: Instructors create mini-lectures and narrated presentations to reinforce course materials and allow to students to review important concepts.

5. Guest Speakers: Guests are invited to create presentations, moderate discussions, or join existing threads.

6. Feedback for Individual Students: Instructors provide individual feedback on assignments and can also highlight areas of documents using a digital pen (doodling).

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