How I use Educational Technologies: My most common tools

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Education, Educational Technologies, Pedagogy, Web 2.0

Recently I was asked by a colleague to explain, in a painless manner, the different technologies and Web2.0 tools I use as both my pedagogical tools and in the creation and management of my Professional Learning Network, PLN. In response to a brief discussion I prepared a brief document with screenshots to help explain things. Below is an extract of the document:

My Blog: A place where I share my ideas and document resources found on the Internet for both other teachers and later reference myself. I initially started this space as a location for the storing and sharing of educational resources I develop:


Twitter: Where I ask / answer questions and share ideas in 140 characters or less, a way to notify others of updates to blog and also a way to easily connect to other teachers internationally and create a PLN. This is probably my most used and updated online resource.


TweetDeck: My preferred interface with Twitter as I can see all I follow, tweets by topic and is easily customisable to add and remove columns of twitter feeds. It is also easier to post your own comments, add url’s (that get automatically shortened) and tailor replies to others on my PLN.


School Intranet, Year Space: As a Year Coordinator I use this space to store data and documents for my year group to have access to. I also use it as my preferred medium for relaying messages and notices to the students rather than using a whiteboard as a notice board. This means I can post notices virtually at anytime from anywhere. I have automated the notice process to notify the students of anything added or changed at 6:00pm every night.


School Intranet, Virtual Classroom: The hub of all my teaching. This, index page, is the root of all my work, topics and links for my classes. I store the administration and official side of documents on this page, use Topic Sites for different units of work, and provide general links to stimulus or resource material on the Internet.


School Intranet, Topic Site: This is where all the worksheet and notebook files are stored for the students. Links to relevant multimedia files and links are also stored on this page for the students to reference at any time.


Internal Wikispaces: Here the students are given topics to develop explanations and content for. The students are encouraged to work as a team and develop collaborative content.

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