Google Docs and collaboratively developed content

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Education, Educational Technologies, Student Samples, Web 2.0

Part of the content stipulated by the syllabus documents of the courses I teach is that the students have to explore the concepts of group and collaborative work. I have developed many different strategies and units of work that utilise these important skills including; projects developed for local businesses by development teams formed by students in the class, having classes work as design teams to produce significant documentation suites for school Drama productions and school events, researching and developing practical skills to be documented in course tutorial booklets, general group work etc…

As you could imagine there is a lot of different resources used throughout the development of these group tasks. One of my favourite online resources though for developing live content and sharing with classes is Google Docs . I like GoogleDocs because it doesn’t have to be used on such a grand scale as some may think. The example I have included above is just a class task/worksheet that I wanted my students to develop together and share their findings. In this example it was one of the first exposures my class had with the use of collaboratively developed documents in a (mostly) live environment. They were fascinated by the potential and all enjoyed the experience. As the year unfolds I will have this class develop more collaborative documents and ideas as they create support or developmental documentation for the projects and tasks I give them.


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