Creating Art from Data: Aaron Koblin: Artfully visualizing our humanity

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Adobe Flash, animation, audio, Data, Education, Higher School Certificate, Innovation, Inspiration, ist, Reflection, technology, ted, Uncategorized

This morning as I was preparing lunches for the day I watched this TED talk by Aaron Koblin and was both amazed and inspired. For me this short talk was particularly interesting from the fact that it is based on making use of data, the meaningless stuff, that can be collected or is created by people in their normal living. This is particularly pertinent for me as I am in the process of teaching about the concept of ‘Data’ in relation to information systems and databases with some of my senior classes.
As well as the core principle of data I was also extremely interested in the artistic processes that are shown here. For me this appeals to the old Art teacher within. Yes that goes back to my beginnings!! Though I am now a member of a Technology and Applied Studies department and primarily teach the computer-based courses, I find that I frequently come back to teaching and practising many concepts through the use and implementation of media-based activities. Some ideas I have had since watching this include:

  • having my students each develop small pieces of (specified) individual outcomes and then getting the students to assemble them in a given order to create a larger integrated system. (this reminds me of activities I did with art classes in the first few years of my teaching!!!
  • As an intro to Graphics Tablets and Adobe Flash, getting students to each practice drawing and recreating given images that can then be inserted into an animated Flash timeline in given order. This would be a lot of fun for my students!
  • A variety of other sound and image based activities…..

I hope you enjoy this talk as much as I:


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