Essay Map: Online tools

Posted: November 1, 2012 in Education, Web 2.0

Here is a great online tool that you could use with your students to promote and enhance their literacy and writing ability. Below are some examples of ways it has been used.

1. This is a great tool to use with lower ability students who find it difficult to structure essays. These pupils found it much easier to create the essay with less support from me and it made them feel more independent.

2. Some groups of children, particularly boys, don’t enjoy writing essays and I’ve found Essay Map can engage those students who don’t like completing an essay on paper.

3. Get students to complete the essay plan using the tool then email it to a partner or a group and get students to peer assess and give feedback on each other’s work. Then get the students to complete a final draft taking on board the feedback.

4. Use the essay-creating tool as a chain. Get one student to complete the first part (eg the title and intro) and then pass it on to another student who completes the next part and so on. By the end of the lesson you have a collaborative essay.



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