Think Big: From the Future Back

Posted: November 22, 2012 in Creativity, Education, Inspiration, Stimulus
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Last year I read a book I keep finding myself returning to titled ‘Creative Genius’ by Peter Fisk (2011). The book explores a view of how creative thinking can be fostered and gives some innovative strategies for design. For me, the most profound part of this book is the first chapter about Leonardo da Vinci. Here Fisk  identifies a theory for why da Vinci was able to think like he did, how he was able to anticipate many great scientific discoveries ahead of time and how he designed many things not possible to construct until long after his life. Fisk proposes that da Vinci utilised 7 principles that enabled him to design ‘From the Future Back’. These are:

  1. Relentless curiosity – unending desire to learn
  2. Seeing more – full observation of one’s senses
  3. Thinking bigger – think broadly and all encompassing
  4. Making connections – allow for fusion between the natural and the physical worlds
  5. Embracing paradox – thriving on uncertainty and ambiguity
  6. Courageous action – always seeking to prove proposed facts
  7. Enlightened mind – exploring new worlds to spark new ideas

So to sum it all up, I like the way that it is proposed to enhance one’s capacity to be creative and to be more aware of what is happening around them. I agree with the concept that this allows for a greater ability to think from the radical and hypothetical future and design back. Finally, I see that there is much potential as an educator to take these principles and to promote them to students and colleagues.


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