Flash CS3 – Starting an Interactive Flash Movie

Posted: May 23, 2013 in Adobe Flash, Tutorial
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This tutorial will help with the creation of a basic Flash mapping system that uses buttons to allow for interactivity.

  • Start by opening Flash and start a new Action Script 2 Flash File


  • Before creating the images and buttons we will make layers for each of these to be created upon. To make a layer, click on the New Layer button and give each layer a name that reflects what it will be used for.


    NOTE: The Action Script layer is where we will add some code to help control the loading of other Flash movies. More about that later though….



  • Click on the Background Map layer and design yourself a Pirate Treasure Map:



  • Now select a feature from your map that can be used to link to another Flash movie. I am selecting the Volcano. Copy it to the Buttons layer


  • Convert the volcano picture to a button by pressing the F8 shortcut

  • Once made into a button open the button editor by Double Clicking on the blue square. This will now show a different timeline at the top:




  • Now make a make a new layer and add new keyframes to the Over State in both layers


  • Add some new features to your image layer. I have added flames and smoke to my volcano


  • Add a question to your text layer


  • Now you need to create a New Flash Movie for the Volcano Story element.




You can create animation and add them to the animation layer.


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