Making a Flash CS3 Container Page for the Interactive Map

Posted: May 23, 2013 in Adobe Flash, Tutorial
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This tutorial will guide you through the process of making a Flash page that will be used as a container for the Flash files you make and to display them as your map is navigated.

Making a container page – The page that is the root of all your pages!

  • Start by opening Flash and start a new Action Script 2 Flash File

  • Set yourself up two layers on the Flash timeline. These are to be named; ActionScript and MovieClip.

  • Save the file as ‘Container’

  • From the Library Panel, click to make a new Symbol

  • Make the new symbol a MovieClip and call it ‘Blank_mc’

  • Now exit the Symbol Editor by clicking back on Scene1. Make sure you do this without drawing or editing anything.

  • Add the Blank_mc movieclip to the stage on the MovieClip layer you have already created. You can do this by dragging it from the Library.

  • Position it in the top left corner.

  • Give the MovieClip an Instance Name of Blank_mc. By giving the movieclip a name it is like telling Flash that it now has an identifiable actor on its stage.

  • Now it is time to give Flash some instructions (code) using Actionscript. To open the Actions Panel press F9. Now enter the following code to load your Map Flash file.

    loadMovie (“nameofMap.swf”, _root.Blank_mc);

  • Resave your file and then test the movie by pressing CTRL+ENTER. You should now have an empty container that loads your Map file into itself.


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