A thought on Smart Watches

Posted: October 16, 2013 in Educational Technologies, Innovation, technology

(Image Source: Google Images)

As a person who likes gadgets and watches I have been actively keeping an eye on the developments of smart watches. I am fascinated by the simplicity, yet function of the Pebble, but am intrigued by the integrated aspect of the Galaxy Gear. Many of the reviews I have read have given mixed opinions and more recently I have read articles that have explored the potential success of the devices. I am not sold yet on their function, nor their longevity. I believe that for a smart watch to be successful it has to possess a few qualities. These include; keep accurate and accessible time, being affordable, having a degree of function that exceeds current devices, have overcome their Achilles of battery life and be a learning device that is truly smart in function to the changing needs of the owner. A quote I recently came across sums my view up well:

“Any reduced technology like a watch will have to be smarter than our normal computers—our normal smartphones, even—because they are highly intrusive,” says Lars Hard, founder and chief technical officer of the artificial-intelligence company Expertmaker. “If it’s sitting right on my arm and it can wake up at any time giving me information, then it needs to be extremely good at what it presents.”

Beyond the aesthetic and function of the devices is the potential that they may pose in educational circumstances. I can remember when the old Casio Calculator Watch was the bee’s knees of fashion and school yard accessories. I can remember talking with friends as a kid fantasising what could be done with one in the future. Even the cool, tuff kids had them and joined in. Imagine the potential of a school smart watch club where the students took charge of developing apps and programs to assist their learning, tutor others and help with school administration tasks. The options are endless.


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