Tablet technology for Ohio State Marching Band

Posted: November 17, 2013 in Computer Science, Education, Educational Technologies, Innovation, ipad
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Recently I have been shown examples of the amazing performances from this marching band.  Their performances alone are awe-inspiring, but it was the underlying research and use of technology that I was most impressed with.  To describe it in brief, some students from the band recognised financial and environmental impact that the constant development and use of paper-based was having.  From here they pursued a project to use digital technologies, iPad’s, to replace the paper elements of the band’s music, marching performances and choreography.  The clip below provides an outline of the process that was undertaken by the students, the band and other aspects of Ohio State University that were involved.

Where I find this particularly interesting is in how I could use this case scenario to promote and stimulate students in my classrooms.  The biggest use I can see here is in how I can get students to explore how they can find and utilise technologies (in time to make technologies) both existing, like Apps, pad-based technologies and smartphones, then on to emerging technologies, such as making solutions to identified problems that function on existing devices.  There are many more ways to examine this scenario in education, just be creative.

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