FLASH CS6 – Convert to Symbol

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Adobe Flash, Tutorial
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When animating objects and characters on the Flash Stage it is important to know how to convert drawings and objects to symbols. It is just as important to know what the different symbols do. Follow these steps to convert an object/drawing to a symbol and to understand the different uses of each symbol:


  1. Select the object/drawing you want to turn into a symbol


  2. From the menu’s at the top select Modify – Convert to Symbol, or use the shortcut and press F8



  1. Give the object/drawing a name



  2. Now specify which type of symbol it will be; a Graphic, a Button or a MovieClip


  3. Once you have made the object a symbol it will be located in the Flash Library for future use


  4. To explain these three options in brief
    1. Graphic Symbol – Use for static content. These can be used to animate on the main timeline
    2. Button Symbol – These are used when making navigation elements or objects that have responses to a limited number of conditions such as a mouse roll-over, a button press, etc.
    3. MovieClip Symbol – These are commonly used to contain their own internal animation as their properties allow for animating on their internal timeline. This means that they can animate independently of the main timeline. They can also be used to respond to most aspects of Actionscript.

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