FLASH CS6 – Motion Tween

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Adobe Flash, Tutorial
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Once you have mastered creating a symbol it is time to get animating. One of the most common methods of animation in Flash is to use a Motion Tween:


  1. Place a copy of your symbol into an empty frame on the Stage and position it where you want to start its animation


  2. Click in a later frame on the main timeline, frame 25, and press F5 to insert frames.


  3. Right mouse-click in the middle of the grey timeline and select Create Motion Tween


  4. On the timeline, click on the last frame.



  1. Now drag the symbol to the position on the stage you wish the animation to finish. You will notice that a dotted-line appears after your symbol that indicates how Flash has calculated the distribution sequence of the animated frames


  2. Press CTRL + ENTER to test your movie.




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