FLASH CS6 – Breaking apart text

Posted: December 5, 2013 in Adobe Flash, Tutorial
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In order to animate text, or to add some special effects it is important to Break Apart text. The reason for this is that text in flash is treated as a special (different) element from symbols and vector content. To solve this problem you just need to use the Break Apart option in Flash. The following steps give a brief breakdown of how to do this:


  1. Enter the text you wish to use


  2. Right click on the text and from the menu select Break Apart


  3. This will separate all the different letters into individual spaces


  4. From here you can then choose to distribute each letter to a layer, or you can break it apart even further to become a vector object.


  5. To break apart further, right click on the text and choose Break Apart again.


Things that can be done from here include:

  • Animating letters using motion tweens
  • Break right down and then use a shape tween
  • Anything else creative you can think of….

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