FLASH CS6 – Layer Mask

Posted: December 5, 2013 in Adobe Flash, Tutorial
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This is a fun and interesting way to increase the visual value of an animation or web banner. It uses a number of the previous techniques covered including a bitmap trace, symbol use and a motion tween. This technique can be used to show any number of possible things through the masking space so be creative.


  1. Set yourself up two layers, one (the top one) called ‘MaskLayer’ and the second (below it) called ‘Picture’.


  2. Place an image, text or photo onto the Picture layer


  3. On the MaskLayer create a shape that will act like a window to see through. This will be your mask element.

  4. Make the shape a Graphic Symbol


  5. Right click on the Mask Layer and set its properties to be a ‘Mask’.  This should grab the layer below and use it as an image layer.  If it doesn’t follow the following step.


  6. Now select your Picture layer and drag it slowly onto the Mask layer. It should visually grab and when you let the button go it will change its properties to be a Masked Layer.


  7. Finally to make your mask more interesting you can add animation to the Mask symbol that is on the MaskLayer. NOTE: To add the animation you will need to unlock the layers.


  8. I have also added a bitmap trace below my masked layer to add the illusion that you are seeing a different image over the top. Play and have fun.




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