Creating and posting a blog post in Word

Posted: April 22, 2015 in IPT

Whilst checking and reviewing some student blogs I have noticed that the speed and quality of the posts written is negatively impacted by the time it takes to write and format a post. One method to speed this up, and improve the visual impact of the posts is to use the blog posting feature in Microsoft Word. To help people along with how to use this function follow the steps below.

Special Note: I have recently established that for these instructions to work your office software needs to be set to save the document as a .docx file before you try to connect your site.

  1. From the File tab select the ‘Save and Send’ option then ‘Publish as Blog Post’. This will seem to open a new window with a different set of options along the top for blogs.

  2. From the options at the top select ‘Manage Accounts’

  3. From these options select ‘New’

  4. Now choose your blog provider. In our case ‘WordPress’

  5. Now enter your blogs web address into the Blog Post URL text box. Please note that this will require you to add an ‘HTTPS’ at the start. Otherwise copy and past the URL of your website and leave the ‘/xmlrpc.php’ on the end. Following this enter your Username and Password information.

  6. If everything is correct a message box will appear to inform you of your success. You should now be able to post using Word to your blog. If an error pops up then you may need to check the details and URL are entered correctly.

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