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I am preparing to get two classes of students to make use of Aurasma as an Augmented Reality (AR) development tool.  As I have been exploring AR concepts and stimulus items I have watched many videos and read many articles.  Here are two videos related to the use of Aurasma and AR:


I am in the process of developing content to deliver to the students in my classes on Augmented Reality.  Throughout this unit of work we will use Layar and Aurasma as AR development tools, as well as exploring a range of other software tools to develop content.

Here is a easy explanation of what Augmented Reality is:

Stay tuned for an update on the progress of this unit.

I am always looking for new ways to get new and cool things going on in my classroom. I have also been looking at how I can get my students to not only develop Apps as programmers, but to also include concepts of Augmented Reality into their ideas. Below are two AR development options that I have read about from others. I am hoping to explore how these can be used and make use of them with students in my school. Let’s see how it goes….

I am always amazed by the innovation that emerges from MIT and this one called ‘inFORM’ from the ‘Tangible Media Group’ is sure to promote imagination and questioning. To describe my thoughts is hard but to start I would say it is like a smaller interactive display device (IWB) on steroids. As a tool to promote learning and understanding I see that there are an endless number of uses. From modelling mathematical and scientific equations, to developing fluid artworks through augmented reality, and through to all aspects of computer science.  So back to the title of this post, imagine this amazing technology as learning desks in your classrooms.  The creative use of them would be limitless.

I am posting this one as I stumbled across the article earlier today and thoughts that it is just cool. To sum my understanding of these up is that unlike Google Glass that displays on a screen you look through, this one projects straight in and onto your retina. Talk about a cool concept for exploring Augmented Reality. C/NET were the source of the image below and of an article about the glasses. There is also an article on the Digital Trends website. Have a look and see what you think. I will be showing these to my students and getting them to explore the prospects and implications of future developments.

I am currently working on a lighting project with Design and Technology students and have been spending some time researching innovative uses of lighting technologies. These two articles are amongst two of the coolest I have found. They are about the development of technologies that allow will for to projecting of images into the eye via a contact lens. The lenses are still basic, but when fully developed will allow for colour images to be displayed in a manner similar to an LCD TV in a persons’ eyeball. Read the articles here:

Article 1 and Article 2.

The images above are sourced from the articles.