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Today you are to explore the creation, design and impact of social media on individuals, society and business. You are to research and document your findings to your blog. Points for consideration include:

  • How social media was/is designed and created
  • Ways in which social media is used
  • Impact of social media on:
    • Business,
    • Youth / adults
    • Relationships
    • Communication
    • News
    • Other…
  • Future developments and trends for social media design and use

A good starting read is,


As is always the way with the Internet and the discovery of resources and stimulus, the best are found by chance and this is a prime example of that. I find this infographic especially interesting as it both made me reflect on how young digital technologies really are, and it made me feel old as I can remember when much of these started. I can still remember signing up for a Hotmail account when it first started, not to mention using the Bulletin Board System. Anyway, reminiscing aside, this infographic will be a useful stimulus piece when exploring the emergence of technologies and studying their impact. I am sure that this will help most students to better understand the rate at which the technologies they use and mostly take for granted have developed.

Image Source:

Recently I have been covering some interesting topics with my students and amongst these is one of my favourites, Online Privacy and Digital Identities.  After one of these lessons a student, who must have been talking at home about the lesson, emailed me the link to this YouTube video that one of their parents had shown them.  I will surely be using this video in the future.

During some recent online reading I came across this image in a post on Pam O’Briens Blog titled Social Learning. The first thing that got my attention was the detail of the categorisation that was relevant in the image, then as I read her post I was intrigued by the potential for Social Learning. Now like all educators I am aware of the implications and risks of the oversaturated and inexperienced use of social mediums, but isn’t that the role of educators. That is, to inform others of how to use technologies creatively, yet with recognition of the risks that are involved. I am in the process of writing a post I will title ‘Community of Inquiry in the Classroom’ where I will briefly examine a pedagogical approach I frequently use in my educational spaces.

Anyway, have a read of Pam O’Briens blog post and think about how you could use social media to create educational conversations.

I have been continuing to search for more examples of Social Media database design.  My reason for this is because I am using / intending to use this structure as the back bone to teaching database design to some of my students (More on that in my next post).  Here is another example Schema to do with social networking websites. 


Social Network model - Database Schema

Here is a valuable resource that has been developed by the Australian Govt. for our youth, their parents and for us educators to refer to. The topics about the use of technology include:

Obviously I am a fan of twitter but even this, as an official promo for the new UI recognises that twitter is all omnipresent!!!
Kind of cool to comtemplate though.

Vodpod videos no longer available.