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It is always interesting to see the use and development of photographs and images using Photoshop.  Here is a great example of a professional at work and the difference between the natural and the printed.


I have recently been playing with my new DSLR gear and exploring different things. Amongst these is the optical clarity of the lenses, especially considering that I have one of the stock 55-200mm lenses. I have taken many different photos of content ranging from macro styled pictures, portrait shots and as these ones show, shots of the moon. Shooting the moon is always an interesting experiment as I enjoy playing with shooting in low light, getting the exposure correct and getting sharp focus. Below I have included two images, the first one is the shot in full frame, second is a 100% crop of just the moon.

Shot at 200mm, 1/30s, f16, ISO 200


The crop shows the clarity of that I was able to achieve. I have been very happy with the detail I have been able to get out of this lens.  Not bad for only a 200mm lens.

100% crop