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Slam Poetry of the Streets

Posted: May 21, 2015 in Education
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I try every day to give a little time to reading, watching or listening to things so that I can learn or reflect on both my personal experience or how I provide knowledge to others, my students.  Today as I was listening to the stream of TEDx Sydney I was fortunate enough to see a recording from 2013 of Omar Musa delivering a brilliant Slam Poem that made me think about and evaluate the educational value and views of people in society and schools.  I feel that it would be interesting to hear the responses of my senior students to this performance.  This would be a great stimulus piece.


It is always interesting to see the use and development of photographs and images using Photoshop.  Here is a great example of a professional at work and the difference between the natural and the printed.

As an avid user of Adobe Photoshop I found this an interesting infographic as it gives a nice overview of the history and the development of Adobe Photoshop.

This may not be the most pedagogically challenging TED talk I have posted about but it is great to make the students aware of their creativity.  Amazing beat-boxing,

I am preparing to get two classes of students to make use of Aurasma as an Augmented Reality (AR) development tool.  As I have been exploring AR concepts and stimulus items I have watched many videos and read many articles.  Here are two videos related to the use of Aurasma and AR:

Watch this as a little reminder of how you learnt and what you may include in your future lessons and classroom activities.


Recently I have spent some time with my form group (tutor group) exploring the potential of future careers. Today as I was sorting emails and links I have been sent I came across this one. This is a careers based website called ‘Real Cool Futures‘ that appears to have been funded by the Eden Project here in the UK. This will be well worth a look as a fun and informative resource for students to explore the needs of future career pathways.