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Recently I have been covering some interesting topics with my students and amongst these is one of my favourites, Online Privacy and Digital Identities.  After one of these lessons a student, who must have been talking at home about the lesson, emailed me the link to this YouTube video that one of their parents had shown them.  I will surely be using this video in the future.


Here is a useful and informative clip on a variety of aspects of cyber awareness and cyber safety.

Recently I have been asked many times about good online resources or providers who are good in the area of cyber-awareness and cyber-safety. One that I frequently refer to, and that I think is massively under-utilised by schools and educational institutions, is an initiative called “Think U Know”. This website and available resources has been developed in partnership by the Australian Federal Police, Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), ninemsn, Microsoft and Virtual Global Taskforce.

I am aware that they will come out to school to run seminars for parents and teachers. There are also some great resources available to use with students.

I have spent a lot of time throughout the years researching and collecting facts and stimulus materials on the topic of Computer Viruses. Recently when I was watching my regular TED talk on my phone I watched this talk by Mikko Hypponen. I found it fascinating for the way in which he not only explores and shows some of the history of viruses but also talks of the social and ethical implications of the contemporary viruses being releases. He explores the use of viruses from a cyber-crime and organised-crime perspective.

This is a great talk and I hope you enjoy,

Through the wonderful land that is twitter I was refered to this website. This group, ‘School Aid’, have developed and host some interesting and useful resources in a range of areas including cyberbullying, Australian Indigenous Literacy, Philanthropy etc… There are sections for students, parents and teachers. Worth a visit if you are looking for content in these areas.

Here is a valuable resource that has been developed by the Australian Govt. for our youth, their parents and for us educators to refer to. The topics about the use of technology include:

And another one.