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As someone who educates in the realm of Digital Media and Computer Science I have found it interesting to follow the developments of a recently published article about an individuals request to gain access to their personal metadata from a major Telco. The concepts explored in this article, Me and my metadata, relate closely to an article from 2011published by Zeit Online, Betrayed by our own data. There are many implications that these articles identify including privacy and personal profiling.

These articles provide valuable stimulus for students to explore real-world scenarios on topics that they need to be made aware of. This is particularly pertinent for senior students in High School studying Computer Science courses.


Here is an interesting look at the creative flow and direction enabled by the digital age.  Amazing and inspiring performance.

“Sampling isn’t about “hijacking nostalgia wholesale,” says Mark Ronson. It’s about inserting yourself into the narrative of a song while also pushing that story forward. In this mind-blowingly original talk, watch the DJ scramble 15 TED Talks into an audio-visual omelette, and trace the evolution of “La Di Da Di,” Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick’s 1984 hit that has been reimagined for every generation since.” (TED)


As is always the way with the Internet and the discovery of resources and stimulus, the best are found by chance and this is a prime example of that. I find this infographic especially interesting as it both made me reflect on how young digital technologies really are, and it made me feel old as I can remember when much of these started. I can still remember signing up for a Hotmail account when it first started, not to mention using the Bulletin Board System. Anyway, reminiscing aside, this infographic will be a useful stimulus piece when exploring the emergence of technologies and studying their impact. I am sure that this will help most students to better understand the rate at which the technologies they use and mostly take for granted have developed.

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Here is a set of links to resources and ideas I have looked up this afternoon whilst looking to develop more into the new Schemes of Work. Thinking like this and dreaming of what may be created is what I like!


A very impressive massive collection of categorised links to image and photo online sites and resources. There is something for every classroom or educational need.

Ethics, politics, technology, economics, autonomous drones, robotic weapons, and the list goes on for topics that are covered in this TED talk.  For me, I will be using this when exploring the ethics of the development of new technologies, particularly in the field of computing and autonomous robotics.  One quote I might even make incorporate into a whole lesson, or exam:

“no robot should have an expectation of privacy in a public place”

(Source: Technology Review)

Here is an interesting concept, a house that through the implementation of sensors throughout the house has its own Twitter feeds that update on the houses status. This is a concept that allows for diverse discussion on the topic of Privacy and Reliance on Technology. This is one case example I will use in my classes when discussion the topic.