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As an avid user of Adobe Photoshop I found this an interesting infographic as it gives a nice overview of the history and the development of Adobe Photoshop.


As someone who educates in the realm of Digital Media and Computer Science I have found it interesting to follow the developments of a recently published article about an individuals request to gain access to their personal metadata from a major Telco. The concepts explored in this article, Me and my metadata, relate closely to an article from 2011published by Zeit Online, Betrayed by our own data. There are many implications that these articles identify including privacy and personal profiling.

These articles provide valuable stimulus for students to explore real-world scenarios on topics that they need to be made aware of. This is particularly pertinent for senior students in High School studying Computer Science courses.

I have just read a fascinating article by Saga Briggs titled, ‘This is your Brain on Games‘.  Her article explorers the benefits and positive impacts of video and computer games on the human brain.  There are many great resources that are referenced and linked to including the TED talk below.  A great article to read

Here is an interesting talk on research into the impact of playing video/computer games on the human brain that produced findings that challenge assumed thought.




I have been asked several questions by my A Level students for help with some theorey topics as we prepare for their exams later in the year.  Whilst performing some research I can across some excellent resources including presentations shared online.  There are great.  This one includes information about the ‘Technology Life Cycle’ which has eluded the text book notes….