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I have been looking around for some new content to use for teaching the Principles of Design.  As I have viewed and read various things I stumbled across this short animated clip about 24 Elements of Design by Matt Greenwood.  Though only a stimulus piece this short animation could provide a valuable discussion tool.


Web Design Principles in 2013

Posted: September 23, 2013 in Creativity, Design, Web Design


Web Design in 2013

Yesterday I posted about creativity and potential of thinking a little out of the square.  Here is a TED Talk that shows the result of thinking from the fuure back. That is thinking not by what constrains current concepts and practices but by what do we want to achieve.  Watching this has made me contemplate where these simple and flexible technologies can fit within education.  I am picturing obvious links with computer programming, electronic circuitry, but I am also imagining uses within storytelling, the dramatic arts, art, animation and design.  What fun could be had?

I just love the way this introduces design.  A great TED talk, though mind the middle bit about reproduction.  It may be a little much for classroom stimulus.

I have been continuing to search for more examples of Social Media database design.  My reason for this is because I am using / intending to use this structure as the back bone to teaching database design to some of my students (More on that in my next post).  Here is another example Schema to do with social networking websites. 


Social Network model - Database Schema